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i’ve got these questions from wander-lost-souls 

1. What is your favourite season and why?

Definitily summer, because i love the hot weather, and you can wear shorts, croptops ,skirts, dresses, you can wear whatever you want!

2. What do you love most about the city you currently live in?

actually nothing! it is boring out there!

3. Favourite song lyrics and why? 

Lucky ones by Lana Del Rey , because lana is my hero and the lyrics is so true and real!

4. What is your own definition of happiness?

a good friend/boyfriend , a piece of chocolate, a hugg and worldpeace

5. What are 3 things you love about yourself? 

My butt, my eyes and my cheekbones

6. Closest thing to your right?

i’m sitting in class right now , so a student

7. Are your shy or outgoing when meeting new people?

Totally outgoing! i’m not a shy person

8. Best sentence/s you’ve said to someone recently. 

I don’t know, i didn’t said anything insparational

9. First thing you notice when meeting a new person.

I see if they are honest or a liar

10. Where do you feel most happy or comfortable? 

By my boyfriend

11. Most recent Netflix or Hulu/Plus show or movie you’ve watched. (Don’t have to pick from those is you don’t have them) 

The wolf of wallstreet


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I remember when I said these were the most disgusting shoes I’d ever seen and I’d never be found dead in a pair…..LOL, WHO AM I